I Can't Give You Bitcoin...
Nor World Peace... 
Or Even A King's Lost Millions
Through Gmail...


Let's Cut Through All The Bulls*^#
And Get Straight To The Good Stuff.

I'm not going to tell you a story about how one day changed my whole life when I thought all was lost bla bla bla bla. None of that. I'm just here to teach you how to edit photos so they look really cool. Pretty much any photo. 

People keep telling me they love the style of photos I edit and they keep asking me how I edit my photos. So I decided to make a tell-all guide to teach you. It's that simple. Here's a glimpse of some of the love from people below.

I LOVE the images you have been posting on the beach with those gorgeous colors. I have a question....HOW??

juan carlos briceno

Owner/Raleigh Photo Expert

I love those abstract surf shots you do.

robert baggs

Fstoppers Editor

You have that wired.

john veage

The Leader Newspaper, Journalist/Photographer

Wow!!! How'd you pull the panning AND get the surfer in focus? Great shot! 

michelle manson

This Editing Technique 
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Best Of All,
You Can Turn Any Photo

Into Fine Art

Abstract Photos

Action Photos

Nature Photos

Architectural Photos

Family Photos

Black And White Photos

More Proof
 How Much People Love
These Images

Epic...gives another layer to creativity!!! Love it

tahi reihana

QLD Dept. of Health

How do you get a photo like this? BECAUSE I LOVE IT


This photo is incredible! Well done mate. Would you be interested in selling it?

jean morelli

Really like this combination you've been doing. The streaky backgrounds are being done, but placing a sharp image/silhouette in front is unique

Loris Gooch

You'll have to let me know how you do that effect. Love it

P-J Taylor

That's really choice mate. Where can we buy shots if we want to put them on the wall?

gene thompson

OMG I adore this pic

katie corbin

This is so gorgeous Iain. I love this pic so much

rebecca schmidt

Lines beautiful lines. Superb image

Lionel Burger

You have one of the best galleries I've seen today. Just wanted to tell you


I Can Show You
How To Turn Any Image,

No Matter How Ordinary,

Into Fine Art
That People Love!

Turn This......

Into This

And this......

Into this

Or this.....

Into this

And this......

Into this

Your options are endless. Let me show you how....

For $17, I will teach you absolutely everything I know
so that you can create images that everyone will love
and will help you stand out from the masses

Here's A Snippet Of Exactly
What You'll Get

3 Chapters - 3 Different Methods 
Everything Meticulously Explained
Step by Step.

Every single page in this e-book I've written here has actionable, usable, easy to follow content. No fluff. Things you'll learn include:

  • working with single exposures
  • blending multiple exposures
  • panning techniques handheld
  • panning techniques with tripods
  • color matching
  • matching luminosity
  • selection techniques
  • composition ideas and tricks
  • black and white options
  • advanced layer use
  • color enhancement
  • working with adjustment layers
  • working with brushes
  • image preparation techniques
  • sourcing files if you don't have any
  • exclusive new info on how to use Neural Filters in Photoshop
  • working with curves and wave faces
  • specific tools to use for effects in Photoshop

Over 50 Pages Of Non-Stop Helpful Info.

85% of Pages Have Big, Clear Pictures 

PLUS Simple Explanations To Follow!

Your Questions Answered......

  • Do you need to be an advanced photographer to do this? 
    No! If you can hold a camera and take photos, you can do this
  • Think you need an expensive camera and lenses for this? 
    Nope! You can do this with your smartphone if you want (you do need editing software though)
  • Not good with Photoshop, or other editing software? 
    Doesn't matter, I'll walk you through every step with pictures, explanations, and detailed examples
  • Think this will take hours of your time? 
    Absolutely not! Most of these images took me less than 30 minutes to edit from start to finish.
  • Think this is restricted to only one or two genres? 
    No way. Once you learn how, you can apply these techniques to absolutely any type of photography you want. you don't have to live anywhere the ocean for this to work for you!
  • Is this just an app or a Photoshop action?
    No! You'll learn new skills that others won't have, and can't copy. You can't do this at the single push of a button, so no-one can recreate these skills without knowing the techniques
  • Most of your pics are surfers. Do you need to be a surf photographer to do this?
    No! You don't even need to live near the beach. Or ever take photos of surfers. You can use this in any way you like! Anywhere you like.

About Me

At heart, I'm a teacher. Literally. I'm currently an Associate Professor teaching photography and writing at university. Along with my Masters and Bachelors degrees from Sydney University, I've also got a Doctor of Education from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and a Diploma of Multimedia.

I love to teach. And I'd love to teach you these editing methods that people love.

I also love learning, finding out how to do new things, and I'm always looking at doing things better. That's why I want to share this with you.

Creativity and originality is right here at your fingertips ready for you to grab. 

So please, take this knowledge I've learned and use these techniques to soar to new heights with your photography.

I'd love to see it work for you as well as it's working for me.

Copyright - Iain Stanley Pty Ltd